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Help / Support

  1. Why we are such good value for money - How do we do it?
    Many people ask the question, how does Leiste24 offer such good prices. The products probably come from ANYWHERE or they are of poor quality. Nein! In contrast to many of our comptitors we produce these profiles ourselves, in other words, we are also the manufacturer. For you this means that your profiles are sent out to you derectly from our production machines without any dealers in between. We use for the most part German resources for which one has the security that there is no emission pollution and instead with a guarantee of durability.
  2. What is the procedure from order to delivery?
    It is really all quite simple: You submit your order under Within the next few minutes you will receive a confirmation of order to the e-mail address submitted, and you can check through your order again. When we pack your profiles, you will receive from us a mail informing you that your profiles are now in the hands of the freight forwarder. The forarding company then also send you an e-mail when your packet is in the dispatch depot. This mail also contains a link by which you can track the progress of your consignment.
    so that you can see exactly where your goods are at any time.
    Further, you can also agree a delivery date directly with the dispatch depot.
    It is not possible to agree on a delivery date directly with us. Simply call the freight forwarder directly, if necessary.

    1. Please note when entering your data that your e-mail address is written correctly and that your mailbox has enough capacity to accept our order confirmation.
    2. When accepting the goods please make sure that there is no damage before you sign! With your signature you declare that the consignment is in order. Any subsequent complaint about damages is no longer enforceable against the freight forwarding company.
  3. Do I always need clips and corners for the profiles?
    Many customers ask us if the MDF decor profiles can also be nailed or screwed in place. Yes, of course, BUT the clip system offered makes installation so much easier. For example, You have mounted the skirtings with the fixing clip and later you get a new telephone and need to lay a new cable behind the skirting - simply remove the profile, lay the cable behind it and fix the skirting in place again with the clip -done! If you nail or screw the skirting this usually suffers damage if you take it off again.
    So and now to the craftman's skills of any housewife or DIY enthusiast: Corners. Yes it is possible to cut the profile to fit the corner but just consider whether the walls are always 100% straight? Do I have the rporper tools and the necessary skill for this?
    We recommend our corner pieces; they are really cheap and provide the perfect finish!
  4. What exactly are the delivery times - when will I get my profiles?
    When exactly will I get my profiles depends on 3 factors.
    1. What method of payment have I selected? Credit card and PayPal are the quickest.
    2. What profiles do I want? All MDF decor profiles are always in stock. All solid wood and varnished skirtings are finished to specification within 2-3 working days.
    3. At what time of day did I order? Up to 12:00 noon the orders e.g. for MDF go out to dispatch the same day
    Important: Deliveries are always made from Monday to Friday. Saturday delivery is not possible!
    - You order 40 mm MDF decor beech at 11:00 o'clock on Monday morning - pay by PayPal - then with 95 % certainly you should get your order on Tuesday.
    - You order 40 mm MDF decor beech on Monday, payment in advance: the money takes 1-2 days in the bank so you should get your order with 95 % certainty on Wednesday or Thursday.
  5. Is my payment by credit card secure?
    A definite yes. Payment is made by a safe Internet connection (https) whereby your data are transferred in coded form.
  6. What happens to my personal data?
    For us you are important as a customer and your personal data were give to us exclusively for our use. We give these only to the delivery company to carry out delivery. We promise you here once again: Your data do not go to a third party, neither to the lottery nor to a dealer in data. You will not receive any advertising mails from us, either. WORD OF HONOUR!
  7. Are my profiles always avaliable or what is the availability?
    As described above we always have approx. 300 000 MDF decor profiles in stock and produce these continually in 3-shift operation. They are therefore 99 % always available.
    All solid and varnished profiles are prduced immediately on receipt of order. Here too, there are no problems as we are the manufacturer!
  8. Can I also get profiles with a different shape and size?
    Again this is the advantage of our own production. If you have special wishes we can usually satisfy these, but here exclusively in solid wood. Simply state the shape / dimensions, quantity type of wood and surface finish on the contact form and we will see if we can make it and give you a quotation.
  9. Do you also deliver to ...............?
    We have our localized shops especially for Europe